SR30 pyranometer

Next level digital secondary standard pyranometer

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Welcome to the next level in solar radiation monitoring! The all-digital SR30 pyranometer offers the highest accuracy and highest data availability: it outperforms all externally ventilated pyranometers. SR30 is an ISO 9060 secondary standard pyranometer and the ideal instrument for use in PV system performance monitoring and meteorological networks. It measures the solar radiation received by a plane surface, in W/m2, from a 180 o field of view angle. SR30 offers several advantages over competing pyranometers:


High data availability is attained by heating of the outer dome using internal ventilation between the inner and outer dome. This is as effective against dew and frost as traditional external ventilation, without the hassle and large footprint. SR30 outperforms all externally ventilated pyranometers, and power consumption is only 2 W, compared to 10 W for external ventilation.


Standard SR30 offers unique features with clear benefits. SR30 is the only pyranometer to include a tilt sensor and an internal humidity sensor, allowing fast performance analysis.

Low cost of ownership

SR30 is an affordable secondary standard instrument and is designed for low cost of ownership. It offers low demand on infrastructure, reduction of unnecessary on-site inspection by remote diagnostics, and efficient servicing by design. All sensors are supported by a worldwide calibration and maintenance organisation offering local support.


Besides solar radiation, SR30 outputs sensor diagnostics such as:

  • tilt angle
  • internal ventilator speed (RPM)
  • internal humidity
  • heater current

This allows the sensor status to be monitored without having to send an engineer to the site.

Liabilities covered: test certificates

As required by ISO 9060 for secondary standard classification, each SR30 is supplied with test results for the individual instrument:

  • sensitivity
  • directional response
  • temperature response
  • tilt angle measurement

Suggested use

  • PV system performance monitoring
  • scientific meteorological observations

SR30 design

SR30 pyranometer employs a state-of-the-art thermopile sensor with black coated surface, two domes and an anodised aluminium body. It offers a digital output via Modbus RTU over 2-wire RS-485. The pyranometer dome is heated by ventilating the area between the inner and outer dome. This way of heating is much more efficient than traditional external ventilation, where most of the heat is carried away with the ventilation air. Internal ventilation is as effective against dew and frost at 2 W as external ventilation at 10 W. It also leads to a reduction of zero offsets. There are 2 mounting options available for SR30. They allow for simplified mounting, levelling and instrument exchange on a flat surface or a tube.


  • spring-loaded levelling mount
  • tube levelling mount with set of bolts
  • longer cable; 10 and 20 metres
  • 20 metres extension cable with 2 connectors


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