Industry & fire

Hukseflux' heat flux sensors can be used in industrial measurement and control systems. Examples of applications are analysis of aluminium reduction cells, detection fouling in boilers (Boiler Slagging / Fouling Sensor), finetuning of ovens (Baking Sensor), monitoring of blast furnaces (Blast Furnace Safety System / General Furnace Monitoring), flame monitoring and composites processing. The use of heat flow meters can lead to:

  • improvements in efficiency
  • better system safety
  • automated detection of fouling and need for servicing
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Industry & fire


Needle type heat flux and temperature sensor


Miniature needle type heat flux and temperature sensor


High temperature heat flux sensor


Flare radiation monitor / heat flux sensor

HF03 / LI19

Portable heat flux sensor, with read-out unit


Industrial heat flux sensor

RHF series

Ring heat flux sensors


Belt heat flux sensor

SBG01 heat flux meter

Water cooled heat flux sensor according to Schmidt-Boelter


Heat flux sensor system for use in aluminium smelter / furnaces

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